June 7, 2021

Why Denmark for education?

Education in Denmark:

People used to call the Danes “Brutal Vikings,” but now that we live in an age of industrialization, technology, and development, Denmark is the leader in Europe, and they can thank their education system for that. With its education system, Denmark has made a huge impact on the world. 

The country has one of the best education systems in the world as it believes that education is the most important way of nurturing and moulding kids and the younger generation for a bright future.

In a study conducted back in 2018, the literacy rate in Denmark stood at 99% for men and women. This achievement is a result of the well-implemented, closely monitored, and comprehensive education system, which starts right from preschool and goes beyond post-graduation. It has certainly contributed to the Danish economy and the overall development of Denmark.

The education system in Denmark is

Most of the schools in Denmark have 2 types of curriculum that are

-IB (International Baccalaureate) and

-IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

The top 5 schools in Denmark are

  • Copenhagen International School (IB)
  • At Aarhus International School (IB),
  • The Technical University of Denmark
  • Bjorn’s International School (IGCSE) and
  • Herlufsholm School (IB).

In Denmark, Danish is the language of instruction in public schools. In the case of international schools, teaching in English begins in the second grade. Because Denmark buys and sells a lot, everyone there speaks English. Because of this, many schools use English as the main language of communication and learning after a certain grade. Most expats decide to finish their education at an IB school because it makes it easier for them to get into an international university.

Denmark gives all school-aged children (ages 6 to 16) get a free education. This encourages more kids to go to school and makes sure that all kids get a basic education that will help them learn, grow, and be successful. There are different levels in the school system. It starts with kindergarten and may continue with some preschool training. Then, everyone has to go to school for the next 10 years. After this, the education system is the same everywhere in Denmark. After this, some students choose to take a gap year, and others choose to go to high school, which lasts about two to three years.

I sent the wrong link to my business profile in my last inquiry. I followed the instructions I got in an email about how to find the link on Google Maps, but my listing isn’t showing up there because it’s been suspended. Instead, it’s showing the old listing that has been permanently closed. Enrolling begins at the age of 3. When they are in their third and final year of kindergarten, they might get some preschool training, and at age six, they can sign up for 10 years of mandatory schooling. There are two parts to the school years: primary and lower secondary school, and then upper secondary school. Science, math, and language are not the only things that students learn. They also learn how to improve their skills, solve problems, and give presentations. This versatile and diverse approach is what separates the Danish education system from the rest of the world.

The Aftermath

Some students decide to get training for a job after they’ve gone to school for the required number of years. Some of the things that are talked about here are healthcare, administration, agriculture, hospitality, technology, and transportation. More than 65% of students sign up for higher education that lasts between two and three years. This sets them up for further studies, like undergraduate and graduate degrees.

People think that Denmark is one of the best places to go to school because it has a well-organized and varied education system. It helps students to find their talent and strength, which paves the way for a successful future. Also, the bachelor’s and master’s degrees are very good, which makes top companies from all over the world want to hire them. The top-class education system is why people migrate and settle in Denmark.

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