June 7, 2021

Ways to improve your CRS score for Canada Express Entry

Why CRS score is so important? If you wish to have permanent Canadian residence, your eligibility will be determined by CRS (comprehensive ranking system) score. You must have a competitive advantage to make it through the Canadian express entry immigration system. Candidates having the highest CRS score will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) confirming his/her permanent residence in Canada.
If you have a heart for immigrating to Canada then you can’t just sit and wait for an invitation to apply with a lower CRS score. On this page, we aim to suggest to you some productive and highly advantageous tips which you may have missed out on intending to enhance your CRS score. These tips will convince you to consider a wider approach, better knowledge of eligibility, and thinking innovatory and unconventional.
Do you speak English? Yes, we know you can, but proving your proficiency in it might give you an advantage in CRS score under the language ability category. If you have attempted IELTS, CELPIP, TEF, TCF and earned an intermediate score then retake it and improve.
Not only language ability offers you advancement of a total of 260 marks it is also one of the most prioritized proficiency considered for CRS score. Retaking the test might increase your CRS score especially if you score CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) level 9 which will ensure an ascend of points under skill transferability too.
If you are a French speaker too then improve your results in approved French tests and evidence escalate of 24 points offered for French-speaking ability.
This is the only way to earn a sincere elevation of 600 points by comprehending different priority occupations of various provinces. Keeping an eagle’s eye on their constantly changing categories with an up-to-date application will give you a definite advantage and a silver lining to let your status reach on top of the list. Provincial nominee programs (PNPs) substantially bring assurance of success in the desirable province.
Having a job offer in Canada remains a precious factor to increase CRS points up to a maximum of 200. Although It must be noted that the job offer must meet certain conditions otherwise it shall not be able to contribute to the CRS score. It’s hard to find a perfect job offer hence if you apprehend the necessary terms and make the right choices, your goals are just a few steps away.
Education in Canada provides beneficence to international students who seek higher education. One or two-year post-secondary education gives students an advancement of 15 points while candidates applying for three-year post-secondary, master’s, professional degree or doctorate will be awarded 30 points.
Are you applying as a couple? Think carefully before deciding who will be applying principally. The person with lower age has a plus point in human capital factors. It must be noted the person with higher qualifications need not earn more points under certain conditions.
Your partner can score up to 40 points for you depending on their level of education and Canadian work experience gaining 10 points each while your spouse’s language competency can add 20 points.
# Pro Tip: GET HELP
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